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Equal Image Salon Hair Experts


The best parts of winters is that one can enjoy wearing leather jackets and a cup of good old’ hot chocolate. But with that comes harsh winds which can make your hair dry. In this case, one needs a chic hairstyle paired with a warm, stylish coat or even a leather jacket. We’ve taken inspiration from some of our favorite celebrities and compiled some of the best winter hairstyles that one can make at home or by seeking a professional hairstylist.


Looking for a winter hairstyle that will make you stand out? Discover our top picks and stay on-trend this season. From cozy updos to chic braids, we’ve got you covered.



If you are carrying a simple ponytail or a bun and want to spice it up then one can do that easily by wearing a statement headband. Take a look at Ashley Graham who pulled off a simple ponytail by wearing a statement headband. She turned something so mediocre and created a red carpet look. One can also disguise a bad hair day by creating this look.


Winters allow one to let their hair down after straightening them or after adding a few curls in it. A tousled bob with curls is something which is simple, elegant and stylish. Our inspiration for this look is This Is Us’s, Mandy Moore. One can create that look by using a 1-inch curling wand or even get it done by a highly-rated hair salon near you.


Glam up your simple braids or a top knot by adding dainty hair accessories to it. White pearls or even tiny flowers such as baby breath can create an elegant look. One can easily create this look at home or take the help of an expert hairstylist.


Take a look at Nicole Kidman with her wavy ponytail and a few loose strands. If you want something that will frame your face, then let’s take a few loose strands of hair paired with a braid, bun or a ponytail. One can create this look for any settings are it professional or if you are going to a party. If you need a messier look or if you do not have the time to do it yourself then you can get it done from a professional hair salon.

Hairstyling is an art which has different levels to it. With a few tips and tricks, one can level up their look and take it from a four to a level ten. We chose the above-mentioned hairstyles keeping in mind professional women and those who are bored of their day-to-day looks.

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